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8 Tips you should note when you replacing

1. Compare the clamping thickness, the outer diameter of the plate, the outer diameter of the damping disk, whether the three-stage damping, the clamping thickness of the face plate, the number of spline teeth and the height of the original cow's mouth 1TJOL type long face plate.

2. Put it on the pressure plate surface to check the degree before installing the clutch plate.

3. Replace the pilot bearing of one shaft in the center of the flywheel.

4. Clean off the dirt inside the spline of one shaft.

5. Do not apply lubricant to the clutch plate spline and the first shaft spline.

6. Check that the clutch plate can slide freely on the first shaft without being tight or stuck.

7. When installing the gearbox, do not let all the weight of the gearbox press on the clutch plate spline after putting in the first shaft. This will lead to inability to cut and will shorten the service life of the clutch plate.

Clutch Replacement

8. Note that nowadays, there are many types of driven disk assembly and flywheel, and there are often problems of interference between the damping disk of the clutch plate and the crankshaft screw in the middle of the flywheel after installation or use for a period of time. Therefore, you should confirm that they will not interfere before installation. Here is a small method: stick some thick grease on the high point of the driven disc and the position against the crankshaft screw, then put it into the flywheel and rotate it to see if the grease is scraped off by the flywheel. If the sticky grease is scraped off and the remaining thickness is more than 2mm, you can use it without worry. Of course, the outer ring of the flywheel must be larger than the outer ring of the damping disk, this must also be confirmed, and it is also easy to confirm. In practice, there are indeed people who put the clutch disc with a large core onto the flywheel with a small let-off hole, only to find out after the wind cow that it was installed wrongly and the clutch disc was ruined.

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