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CDTV NEWS Feb. 26.

In the interview, our general manager Li Huaibo said: "Chengdu taxation fast refund policy brings a lot of convenience for we foreign trade enterprises and also relieves the financial pressure of our enterprises, so that we can serve our customers more dedicatedly. "。


In 2022, the annual export tax refund of NITOYO is more than 23 million RMB, and the average monthly tax refund is about 1.9 million RMB. While we are devoting ourselves to serve our customers, we thank the Chengdu Tax Bureau for supporting we foreign trade enterprises, so that we can have smooth capital flow and no worries.


In 2023, NITOYO will be more dedicated to serve our customers with all our strength and energy, so that NITOYO's customers can enjoy a more efficient, reliable and worry-free auto parts purchasing experience.


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